Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner...

...except for the whole "chicken" part, since I happen to know for a fact that one of the randomly selected winners is a super-vegetarian... if not vegan. She just might be a vegan. (And we're totally cool, by the way. It's fine because, like, I'm pretty sure she doesn't even hold my birthday party against me since she knows the fur has no nutritional value and that there's no such thing as a vegetarian wolf.) Ahem, moving on.

Opting to share the bulk of my cloth diaper stash with other families instead of sell, consign or donate the diapers and other goodies means that families who might otherwise not try cloth diapers have the opportunity to fall in love with this eco-friendly, totally adorable option for FREE. These diapers are well known in the land of cloth diaper lovers and will easily last another child or two, so my hope is that the winners will share the love when they are done with them by passing them to another sweet family who will use them.  

Anyway, I am so happy to announce the two winners of the Great Stash for NO Cash cloth diaper giveaway prizes. The names were randomly selected using through Rafflecopter. The Full Stash packages each include 1dozen Fuzzi Bunz diapers, 18 microfiber inserts/doublers, a large wet bag, a small wet bag, and a dozen reusable cloth wipes--all from my collection. The Bonus Stash package includes two Fuzzi Bunz diapers, five inserts, and a sweet boutique blanket that we just loved from area craft masters Crackabo.
FULL STASH WINNERS: Jaycie W. and Megan T.
There were nearly 100 entries, which is pretty sweet considering this was all through the grapevine and my blog is pretty much brand new. Of course I know one of them because, well, 30% of my facebook followers and blog readers are technically real-life, true-blood friends who have seen the whites of my eyes in the last month or two. It will be nice to send her a personalized little card with the package. The others are women whose names I recognize from online community support groups for local mothers. I haven't met them yet, I don't believe, but it is cool to know that two of the packages will be staying here in Tiny Town. Lucky mamas and sweet babes--I can't wait to pass on the stash that we so loved. Watch your emails, ladies--I'll be in touch for delivery info soon!

Thanks to everyone for entering, for reading, and for simply being you. Don't you ever stop.


Jaycie Wakefield said...

I am overly excited about this win, thank you so much! My husband has wanted to cloth diaper from the beginning but I have been so nervous about the idea. Adjusting to being a mom has been a mind blowing experience and a lot of work in itself. But now that baby Maxwell is three months old, I feel that I've gained my footing and have somewhat of a routine. I believe this new stash has come at the perfect time and will give me the opportunity to dive right in...and probably become addicted. I can't help but have cloth diaper baby booty envy, I'm so excited to join the club.

As for your new creative outlet, as an artist myself I can't help but respect it. And I knew you would handle it in a responsible way even before you explained...its your nature.

Thanks again for this opportunity and for the winnings, I will for sure continue to love them as well as pass them along once we are done :)

a palpable paradox said...

Oh, Jaycie, I'm so excited to hear that you are going to give it a good go, and I also find it totally rad that Jeff is totally and enthusiastically on board! It was a really daunting system for me to figure out, but once we found our groove I became SO grateful for having friends who turned me toward cloth diapering. Get ready for your cute little man to get even cuter (if you can even fathom that possibility)!