When a friend is challenged...

We go way, way back.
My friends are crazy. Some certifiably and others just by virtue, but they are all really good at doing things that make me question whether or not I should be calling... someone? to help them, or evaluate them, or be at the finish line with warm blankets and a cup of gatorade for them. At any rate, earlier this week one of my girlfriends jumped into a lake in the middle of the night after being challenged to do so by her brother. She, in turn, challenged a number of people, one being a longtime mutual friend of ours. This friend was loathe to do it, but we've all been supporting each other's crazy endeavors since we skated as teammates in roller derby together several years ago, so I reminded her about her brazen burlesque performances from back in the day. Every single time she would perform she felt like throwing up, then she'd get on stage and bring down the house, and then she'd feel like throwing up all over again--but this time with a sense of accomplishment.

I told her, stupidly, that I would jump in the icy lake with her if it would help empower her to do it.

And then, I did.
I recommend this if, and only if, you are comfortable with the idea of having your body scraped by the shards of an unending pile of shattered glass... because that's pretty much what it felt like.

Ah, well, here's to keeping things interesting and to feeling like throwing up, but with a sense of accomplishment on the side!

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